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PAANI Welcomes an Engineer to the Team!

After months of searching, we were finally able to add an Environmental Engineer to our Team!

Meet Jacob Sardino...

Jacob T. Sardino is a Junior in the Syracuse University Engineering Program. He is a lifetime resident of the City of Syracuse. He has always been an active participant in community environmental activities such as park clean-ups and recycling drives. Jacob’s passion for the welfare of the environment and the sustainability of global resources was developed at an early age. His work in underserved communities has helped him recognize his responsibility to be a voice for future generations of global citizens. This past summer, Jacob was employed by the Onondaga County Water Authority as an Engineering Intern. His work there helped him gain a greater understanding of the importance of resource management as a tribute to future youth. He also learned the benefits of creative thinking and unconstrained problem-solving in the conservation of water resources. Jacob looks forward to becoming a part of a selfless and solution driven community that puts the needs of all humanity before all else.

Welcome to the Team Jacob!


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