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Introducing our law firm

PAANI  [pah-knee]

English translation - water [wot-er]


          1. Access to water and sanitation are recognized by the United Nations as human rights.

          2. 163 Million people in India lack access to clean water.

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A New Way to Filter Water. 

PAANI is a global health startup company that is working towards providing a sustainable solution for the water contamination issue in Mumbai, India. Our mission is to promote the accessibility of clean water in low-income communities through safe and hygienic practices of water filtration, using resources that are readily available within the region.  Lack of access to clean water sends over 70% of residents to the hospital more than once a month due to water borne illnesses. Our goal is to provide a culturally adapted filtration system that assists in the decline of water borne illnesses in these low-income communities.

What We Stand For. 

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