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Built off of the concept that first world solutions CANNOT fix third world problems, our solution bridges the gap between new technology and the every day cultural behaviors of women in the slums of India.

Nikita Chatterjee

Syracuse University '20 Alumni

Nikita is the Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder of PAANI. 


Nikita Chatterjee is graduated from Syracuse University with her Bachelor's in Economics, while also pursuing various classes on the track to medical school. Nikita has always been passionate about medicine, and business development - so she combined the two industries through entrepreneurship. 

With the opportunities that she has been given, PAANI. was developed to also advocate for low income communities. Born to two immigrants from India, Nikita is also very passionate about addressing the issues that are prevalent in India. 


Brianna Howard

Syracuse University '20 | Public Health B.S. | MPH candidate

Brianna Howard is the Chief Operations Officer and Co-Founder of PAANI.

Brianna is a first generation college student from Queens, NY. As a Public Health major at Syracuse University, her passion is to advocate for underserved communities who lack access to the proper resources and tools necessary to live a healthy life.


Brianna's first exposure to global health began on a trip to South Africa in high school, where she worked with a non-profit to promote access to education. In the future she hopes to work on similar projects like this to empower communities globally. In whatever career path she chooses, her goal will always be to save and impact lives as well as to give a voice to the people who are most often silenced.


Jacob Sardino

Environmental Engineer 

Jacob is a third-year undergraduate student in the Syracuse University College of Engineering and Computer Science.


He is a lifetime resident of the City of Syracuse. He has always been an active participant in community environmental activities such as park clean-ups and recycling drives. Jacob’s passion for the welfare of the environment and the sustainability of global resources was developed at an early age. His work in underserved communities has helped him recognize his responsibility to be a voice for future generations of global citizens.


This past summer, Jacob was employed by the Onondaga County Water Authority as an Engineering Intern. His work there helped him gain a greater understanding of the importance of resource management as a tribute to future youth. He also learned the benefits of creative thinking and unconstrained problem-solving in the conservation of water resources. Jacob looks forward to becoming a part of a selfless and solution driven community that puts the needs of all humanity before all else.

As a woman of color, my passion stems from the exact factors that were placed against me, so to me there are no limits to what I can accomplish and achieve.

Brianna Howard

Co-Founder PAANI

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